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Squam Reiki Retreat

September 6-8, 2019

Rockywold-Deephaven Camps
(Holderness, NH)

Hello Reiki Community.

I am so excited to be sharing with all of you this incredible opportunity.  We are fortunate to have secured time at Rockywold-Deephaven Camps, and I’m thrilled to be announcing the first of a yearly Reiki Retreat at this picturesque and pristine location.  Here is a link to highlighting some of the aspects of Rockywold-Deephaven Camps.

The history and beauty of, not only Squam Lake and the White Mountains that border it, but of the Camps themselves, will foster layer upon layer of enriching experiences.  Adding to the location and an all-inclusive retreat will be the gift of sharing community with other Reiki trained individuals and their partners.  We have wonderful activities and Reiki Shares planned, as well as time to kayak, hike, swim, relax on a dock, listen to the loon’s call as the sun sets & rises over the lake, be warmed by your own cottages’s fireplace, join a morning or evening meditation, dream, and take in the beauty and magic of the surrounding landscape.

Come together to explore, ignite and share Reiki and each other.
*   All lineages  ~ All levels   * (and partners)

So, SAVE THE DATE !!!!!!

All-inclusive 3-day/2-night retreat $485.  Space is limited.  Contact us for more information and to register.

Blessings and Light
~ Leslie

Leslie Jose LMT/ARMT
Peace of Mind Reiki® & Massage
(mailing address: 180 Chase Rd. North Sandwich, NH 03259)

“Where there is great love, there are always outrageous miracles.” …Willa Sibert Cather


Spring 2016

Up coming classes, adventures & Reiki Shares

contact Leslie for information on these or to schedule sessions

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Very Exciting News


1st Annual Squam Lake Reiki Retreat

Labor Day Weekend

September 5th-7th, 2015


Rockywold-Deephaven Camps

On Squam Lake in Holderness, NH is tucked a ‘frozen-in-time’, pristine setting.  Rockywold-Deephaven Camps have been around since 1897.  The quaint cabins, each with their own fireplaces and docks on the lake, offer just the right mix of comfort, inspiration, relaxation and awe.  Please join us for this unique and wonderful opportunity to experience Rockywold-Deephacen Camps, Squam Lake, the spirit of community, kayaking, hiking, wonderful food, and an inspirational all-inclusive program of Reiki activities and Shares.

Much more information to come.  Please contact me with questions and inquires.  And DO, view RDC site at the above link.  You may want to watch the video’s from The Today Show and NH Chronicle.

This retreat is for Reiki trained individuals of all levels and lineages.


Spring 2015 * Reiki I Class   (sold out)                                           

Lakes Region Nutrition Center is hosting Peace of Mind Reiki & Massage in offering a Reiki Level I course in five, 2-hour classes.

From: 6:30-8:30  * Monday evenings * April 20-May18

Location: Lakes Region Nutrition Center * 73 Main Street Meredith, NH 03253 * (603).279.4165

Cost: $160 ~which includes manual, training, attunement, certificate of completion, hand-made journal, Restorative Reiki session, and gifts from Peace of Mind.

The benefits of a personal Reiki practice can stretch into all areas of our lives, bringing improved comfort, health, balance and clarity to the full spectrum of what our lives hold. 
Peace of Mind Reiki’s beginning level Reiki training will support a strong personal foundation in Reiki. 
Join us to explore and gain a thorough understanding of Usui Reiki (and its progression to current times), personal skills and tools to enhance your body’s innate wisdom to balance and heal, and be attuned to the grace-filled energy of Reiki. 
 Along with learning of the history and training, we will incorporate meditations, journaling, lecture, silent walks, a Restorative Reiki session, and plenty of practice time for you to feel secure with this first stage of a Reiki Practice.  All participants will receive Reiki I certificates and gifts from Peace of Mind.

Email or call Leslie to register.


Fall 2014

Advanced Reiki Class

Advanced Reiki class

infusing crystals

Contact Leslie for dates, supplies, and location.  


Fall Reiki Training

Levels I  &  II

contact Leslie for dates, supplies & location

magnifying the mystery

maginifying the mystery


Don’t miss this amazing opportunity

These gifted women have been touring the USA and Canada



Peruvian Spiritual Grandmothers

Individual Healing Sessions and San Pedro Mesada Ceremony

For more information contact Pierre Garreaud:


to register:


Level I Reiki Training

Saturday, September 7, 2013

A one day Level I training is being offered in Center Sandwich NH at Sittingrock Studio.  Come join others in a day of Centering, Learning and Fun.


For more details or to register contact Leslie at or by calling 603-284-7124


Advanced Reiki Training

Saturday May 25th   10 -4

 Universe in a whisper


Join Peace of Mind Reiki®  ~  Leslie Jose

         For a day of exploration and expansion

Advanced Reiki training is supportive to enhancing your personal foundation with increased tools and a stronger connection to Reiki energy.

Included in this training are:

* Reiki aura clearing  * crystal clearing  * learning of and creating a crystal grid  * attunement to the master level vibration (you’re attuned to the higher vibration of the master symbol.  This strengthens and enhances Reiki energy.  However, the actual attunement and training to use the master symbol is part of a master level training )  * meditation to more fully connect your chakras with Reiki energy   * journaling  * a review of Reiki and new information  * clearing old habits, instilling new ones  * supports to keeping oneself clear and balanced.

Added to this training is a unique opportunity to explore and begin incorporating sound into your Reiki experience.  This work combines the vibrations created as we say, sing or chant the names of Reiki symbols and ride them along the vibration of a sound instrument to bring powerful energy and focus to our practice.

Class size is limited to 8 participants.  Contact Leslie to reserve your spot or inquire.

Cost:  $225   *   Location:  Sittingrock Studio, Sandwich NH   *   Prerequisite:  Reiki II or higher


Workshop for Trained Reiki Practitioners

Horses and Reiki  

-a perfect fit-

Introductory workshops joining the wisdom and magic of horses with the wisdom and grace of Reiki.

(all levels all lineages)

a joy shared is a joy doubled

a joy shared is a joy doubled

Basic horsemanship/safety and handling will be presented along with a weekend of sharing and exploring Reiki with each other and the horses.  Meditation/journaling/networking and fun.  A powerful journey connecting with yourself through the wisdom within the Equine world and Reiki.  For details and up coming dates contact Leslie.

Details are here:  March 23 -24 2013 at Touchstone Farm.  All inclusive weekend for Reiki Practitioners (all levels/all lineages).  $350 covers meals/lodging/activities/presentations and more.  

For all the information call or email Leslie at or click on the link below to read details about our up coming weekend.

Reiki & Horses

Click on the link to the left to visit Touchstone Farm’s Website.

in the mystery


REIKI levels I  &  II Training

adding horses to the mix is a unique and powerful opportunity in this training

Friday March 29 – Sunday March 31 2013

Join Leslie, Barb and the horses at Touchstone Farm as they guide and nurture you through learning the first 2 levels of Reiki.

click the link to read the details of this unique and wonderful weekend.

 Reiki I & II Training


Harnessing Our Courage

A wonderful retreat weekend at Touchstone Farm

Harnessing Our Courage


 Leslie and Dragonfly Yoga Barn a Blissful evening of Healing


Blissful Body; Meditative Mind, Restorative Yoga and Reiki, from 5:30-7:30 p.m. NEXT DATE TBA.  Join yoga teacher Katie O’Connell E-RYT, Leslie Jose ARMT for an evening of blissful healing for the body, mind, and spirit.  Katie will guide you into restorative postures supported with bolsters and blankets as Leslie  supports your healing with the gentle touch of Reiki.   Treat yourself to two hours of sweet relaxation and peace!  $25 ($20 for pass holders). RSVP via email:


Upcoming Trainings and All-Day Reiki Shares.  Call or email for info:

can you help my paw?                                                             Can you help my paw?     603-284-7124    or 603-520-5118


Summer 2012 Training :  July 21st  Reiki I     8:30 am to 4:00 pm

                                                       July 22nd Reiki II   8:30 am to 4:00pm 

Contact: Leslie Jose (Karuna®/Usui/Jikiden Advanced Reiki Master Teacher)

Peace of Mind Reiki™         603-284-7124 

$170 for each day includes: Training, manual, atunement, certificate, tea/coffee/snack/lunch, Restorative Reiki session, journal, and gifts from Peace of Mind.


TBA: Advanced Reiki Class, Level III/Master Class, and a full day Reiki Share in Whiteface Interval.


Peace of  Mind Reiki™ holds two styles of trainings.

Sacred Table

Restorative Retreat and Reiki Training Weekends:  Contact us for information about our Spring 2012 workshops and Retreat Trainings

ADDED:  JUNE 2nd & 3rd 2012 Reiki I and II workshop training.  Contact Leslie

Workshop style trainings are held on a Saturday (Reiki I) and a Sunday (Reiki II).  Next workshop training is June 2nd and 3rd 2012.  Contact Leslie for specifics.

We surround ourselves with the love and light of Reiki and each other, while learning the tools to bring this beautiful healing art into your life.  Each day includes morning tea and goodies, training, lunch, manual, certificate of completion, journal, meditation, silent walks, practice time and Reiki gifts. $170 per day.  Contact Leslie for more information.


Training Practice

Leslie Jose,  Karuna®/Usui/Jikiden Advanced Reiki Master Teacher  brings her life experiences, training and passion for the gifts and beauty of Reiki to these unique and rewarding trainings.  

Restorative Reiki

Restorative Retreat and Reiki Training Weekends:  Next Retreat Training weekend — contact us for dates and more details

**Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon

Join Leslie Jose,  Karuna®/Usui/Jikiden Advanced Reiki Master Teacher for a weekend at Dragonfly Yoga Barn Studio and Retreat in North Sandwich, NH.  Also offered at the Lodges at Purity Spring Resort in Madison, NH 

Arrive between 4 -5 Friday for registration, opening circle, dinner and a group Restorative Reiki session given by Leslie.  Saturday morning begins with breakfast and a yoga class, then Reiki Level I Training and practice.

Our intention is for you to tap into yourself and resonate with the light and love of Reiki.

Guided journaling, meditation and walks along the river support the journey of receiving Reiki into your life. Following dinner we’ll begin Reiki II training and end with the evening event. After breakfast on Sunday we’ll continue our Reiki training and practice, concluding the weekend with a closing ceremony at 3pm.  In your free time enjoy the spa, wander the river and marsh trails, meditate in the beautiful loft, read on the back porch, or practice with new friends.

This retreat and training opportunity bring the participant something special.  Even those already trained in Reiki will find this retreat an outstanding opportunity to refine and increase their understanding and practice.  There are many opportunities to receive Reiki training, but few seem to offer the tools and practice of “incorporating” that training into your self, into your life.  We spend quality time identifying those self tools and bringing them into playful/soul-filled windows to incorporate Reiki into your life.  The weekend activities are enhanced by our time in the magnificent surroundings of the White Mountains of NH.   Nurture your spirit in ways that are life changing.

Participants will return to their routines with a confident sense of self and the powerful gift of Reiki, a detailed manual to refer to, several special gifts from Peace of Mind, a personal journal, and tools to support yourself along your journey.  Don’t miss this unique opportunity.

All-inclusive includes Reiki Level I & II Training, manual and certificate of completion, hand crafted journal, all meals, full use of the facilities and grounds, Friday night Restorative Reiki session, Saturday morning gentle yoga class, and the ever-present and amazing view of the White Mts. and surrounding landscapes during one of the most stunning weekends of the fall foliage season.

May the Light of Love Forever Dance in your Heart

sunset on the Whites

Call Leslie or email Leslie directly to register or for more information.

Member: ICRT, IARP, ISSSEEM, AEA, AMTA, NH Holistic Health Network, SBG

603-520-5118  or

Sawaadee  (go in peace)