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Leslie combines over twenty years of experience and training in the complementary medicine field to therapeutic massage. This combination creates strong assessment tools and experienced skills in providing improved mobility, comfort and opportunity for healing on all levels to her clients. Therapeutic Massage, Reiki, and Sound Vibration are just a few of the tools Leslie uses to support optimal health for her clients. She is passionate about educating her clients so they are better equipped to maintain the improvements gained during sessions. Supporting our body’s innate wisdom to heal is nutured through these techniques and enhances outcomes. The compliment of therapetic massage with other modalities brings nurturing and expansive possibilities.

Leslie continues to advance her knowledge and feed her profound interest in anatomy and the workings of our bodies and the mystery of life through continued education with trainings, workshops, retreats and seminars. The advancements in science of all areas brings added knowledge and amplifies the effectiveness of modalities such as massage, meditation, Reiki and sound vibration. Tom Myers (https://www.anatomytrains.com/about-us/certified-teachers/tom-myers/ and James Waslask (https://www.orthomassage.net/) are leaders in fields of study and technique who are bringing their expertise to the world of therapeutic massage and other manual therapies.

Leslie is an active member of the American Massage Therapy Association – AMTA, as well as the Celebration of Reiki, Inc. where she serves on both the scholarship and planning committees . Celebration of Reiki, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the professional and educational development of Reiki practitioners, as well as supports businesses, hospitals & organizations interested in developing wellness programs. The organization hosts a large conference in the spring and a fall symposium along with other events and programs through out the year.

Leslie’s practice ‘Peace of Mind’ offers therapeutic massage, Reiki sessions and classes, meditation groups, and a number of retreat and training opportunities.

Find the power of touch through Peace of Mind Reiki®and Massage.


This site is being updated.  Please connect with Leslie directly for information on classes, trainings, retreats, or to schedule a session.



Squam Reiki Retreat

September 6-8, 2019

Rockywold-Deephaven Camps
(Holderness, NH)


Hello Reiki Community.

I am so excited to be sharing with all of you this incredible opportunity.  We are fortunate to have secured time at Rockywold-Deephaven Camps, and I’m thrilled to be announcing the first of a yearly Reiki Retreat at this picturesque and pristine location.  Here is a link to highlighting some of the aspects of Rockywold-Deephaven Camps.

The history and beauty of, not only Squam Lake and the White Mountains that border it, but of the Camps themselves, will foster layer upon layer of enriching experiences.  Adding to the location and an all-inclusive retreat will be the gift of sharing community with other Reiki trained individuals and their partners.  We have wonderful activities and Reiki Shares planned, as well as time to kayak, hike, swim, relax on a dock, listen to the loon’s call as the sun sets & rises over the lake, be warmed by your own cottages’s fireplace, join a morning or evening meditation, dream, and take in the beauty and magic of the surrounding landscape.

Come together to explore, ignite and share Reiki and each other.
*   All lineages  ~ All levels   * (and partners)

So, SAVE THE DATE !!!!!!

All-inclusive 3-day/2-night retreat $485.  Space is limited.  Contact us for more information and to register.

Blessings and Light
~ Leslie

Leslie Jose LMT/ARMT
Peace of Mind Reiki® & Massage
(mailing address: 180 Chase Rd. North Sandwich, NH 03259)

“Where there is great love, there are always outrageous miracles.” …Willa Sibert Cather


Spring 2016


Welcome to Peace of Mind

Much has gone on in this past year.   Through all my adventures:  my massage & Reiki practice, teaching Reiki classes, water aerobics, infant toddler swim lessons, kayaking/hiking/skiing/snowshoeing, community, returning to North Sandwich, my son’s injury, and dancing with the challenges of the journey, I continue to be filled with gratitude & appreciation, and a clear knowing that the gift of each other and the breath of life offers profound opportunity & beauty.

Advancing my training in massage theory and technique has been a strong focus over the past year. Working with James Waslaski ~orthopedic massage~ has validated and enhanced what I bring to the table.   Here is a terrific brief video describing many of my thoughts about pain and massage… Tom Myers.  I feel it is ALL about the fascial system.  I also think that, in the not too far future, medical science will label the fascial system as “the energy system of the body”.  I continue investigating ongoing research, history, medical inclusion and advancement in the world of Reiki.  I have recently accepted a position on the CoR Conference committee (a committee that organizes and coordinates a well attended yearly Reiki conference held in Boston, as well as coordinating symposiums and educational opportunities for the Reiki community).

I am fortunate to daily create opportunity for clients to reduce the impact of imbalances/injuries/pain/stress/tension.  It is a privilege & a joy to witness clients identify and adjust life patterns, become educated and practiced with how to maintain improvements made on the massage table, and to find relief and comfort.

Restorative Yoga & Reiki Classes at Dragonfly Yoga Barn continue to be sold out events… ~over sold~ we always seem to make room for those added bodies.  Katie & I join hearts, hands and talents to bring a completely bliss~filled class to participants.

Squam Reiki Retreat (SRR) (film of squam)(~date to be announced~).  This is a unique opportunity to experience one of the most beautiful & pristine lakes to be found.  A retreat for Reiki trained participants, of any lineage and level, to come together to explore, embrace, and share Reiki and each other. There will be a full program of Reiki Shares and activities, such as Restorative Reiki class, Sunday evening event, daily meditations, and open panel discussions.  Participants enjoy RDC’s lakeside accommodations (each cabin has its own fireplace), delicious meals, kayaking, hiking, relaxing on your personal porch or dock, creating community and experiencing the magic and beauty of Squam.                                                                                                                                       Contact Peace of Mind for this all inclusive opportunity.

Reiki training. I am in awe with every class, how different and wonderful each one is; always, just the right number, people & place.  A 5 week level 1 training was held at Lakes Region Nutrition Center.  We met Monday evenings for 2+ hours each week.  Each class had the opportunity to review, question, and practice, along with gradually  introducing new information. This style of program creates a stong platform for a personal practice.  Where the retreat and weekend style trainings provides for creating a container of nurturing the whole being in a way that can profoundly shift things.  Contact Peace of Mind for up coming trainings.

Reiki Share adventures.  I am in the process of creating some all day opportunities for Reiki trained individuals to get together for outdoor adventures.  Peace of Mind is fortunate to be in Paradise!  So, why not share the gift of our hands, hearts and some good sweat as we play in the wilds of the Whites and beyond.                                        Paddling ~ Hiking ~ Biking ~ and more.                                                                                                      Contact Peace of Mind to inquire and find out when, where and how our next adventure will manifest.

Artisian’s Weekend at Purity Spring is now in it’s 3rd year.  The weekend offers classes in a variety of mediums.  I will be offering Meditation, Sound Healing, Reiki, & Journaling. Take some time to nourish all aspects of yourself: physical, emotional, spiritual and creative. There are two offerings. One incorporating meditation, supported by sound and Reiki, and concluding with journaling and discussion. The 2nd incorporates meditation, supported by sound and Reiki, ~followed by a silent walking meditation (with our journals) to the magical bog within the Audubon sanctuary, returning to share and close our experience.                                                                          Contact the above link for all the information.


I look forward to the adventures ahead and hold gratitude for the gift of this life.

“Where there is great love, there are always outrageous miracles.”

…Willa Sibert Cather




Very Exciting News


1st Annual Squam Lake Reiki Retreat

Labor Day Weekend

September 5th-7th, 2015


Rockywold-Deephaven Camps

On Squam Lake in Holderness, NH is tucked a ‘frozen-in-time’, pristine setting.  Rockywold-Deephaven Camps have been around since 1897.  The quaint cabins, each with their own fireplaces and docks on the lake, offer just the right mix of comfort, inspiration, relaxation and awe.  Please join us for this unique and wonderful opportunity to experience Rockywold-Deephaven Camps, Squam Lake, the spirit of community, kayaking, hiking, wholesome food, and an inspirational all-inclusive program of Reiki activities and Shares.

Much more information to come.  Please contact me with questions and inquires.  And DO, view RDC site at the above link.  You may want to watch the video’s from The Today Show and NH Chronicle.

This retreat is for Reiki trained individuals of all levels and lineages.


Restorative Yoga  &  Reiki 

most classes sell out – contact us soon

Next Class ~TBA



  a relaxing nourishing evening



Leslie Jose LMT/ARMT

 Katie O’Connell E-RYT

An evening of restoring your body, nourishing your spirit, and filling you with comfort.

Katie will guide you into restorative postures supported with bolsters and blankets as Leslie supports your body with the gentle soothing touch of Reiki.

Cost for this powerful class is $25.

To register: Contact Dragonfly Yoga Barn by clicking here.

(contact me if you have any challenge with connecting)


Spring 2015 * Reiki I Class  (sold out)                                             

Lakes Region Nutrition Center is hosting Peace of Mind Reiki & Massage in offering a Reiki Level I course in five, 2-hour classes.

From: 6:30-8:30  * Monday evenings * April 20-May18 Location: Lakes Region Nutrition Center * 73 Main Street Meredith, NH 03253 * (603).279.4165 Cost: $160 ~which includes manual, training, attunement, certificate of completion, hand-made journal, Restorative Reiki session, and gifts from Peace of Mind. The benefits of a personal Reiki practice can stretch into all areas of our lives, bringing improved comfort, health, balance and clarity to the full spectrum of what our lives hold. 
Peace of Mind Reiki’s beginning level Reiki training will support a strong personal foundation in Reiki. 
Join us to explore and gain a thorough understanding of Usui Reiki (and its progression to current times), personal skills and tools to enhance your body’s innate wisdom to balance and heal, and be attuned to the grace-filled energy of Reiki. 
 Along with learning of the history and training, we will incorporate meditations, journaling, lecture, silent walks, a Restorative Reiki session, and plenty of practice time for you to feel secure with this first stage of a Reiki Practice.  All participants will receive Reiki I certificates and gifts from Peace of Mind. Email or call Leslie to register.



“When Earth Touches Heaven”

Come experience the amazing Earth sounds and vibrational healing benefits of Pierre’s voice and Janice’s gentle Healing Touch.

Sound Light Healing Concert

January 23rd * Benz Ctr. in Sandwhich NH * 6:30p.m. ~ 8:30p.m.

 energy exchange ~ $45/seniors $25

click below for flyer

SLH Concert_ Benz Center 012315[1]


~ Plus ~

Weekend long workshop with:

Pierre Garreaud and Janice Johnson

Sound Healing workshop & Sacred Sound Healing Circle

January 24th & 25th 2015

Peace of Mind Reiki & Massage will be co-sponsoring this event at Summit Health in Belmont NH

click below to see flyer

SSHC_Jan24,2015 Belmont[2]




Peace of Mind Reiki® & Massage

has a new office & treatment space

The Gilman House

74 Main Street Tamworth, NH 03886

The Gilman House, in the center of Tamworth village, houses the Barnstormers’ Theater office, staff, and during the summer theater season, the actors. It now has an addition to the activities and creative spirit flourishing through its walls. It is now also the new office and treatment space for Peace of Mind Reiki® & Massage. Peace of Mind Reiki® & Massage’s office and treatment space is on the first floor, tucked into a cozy corner room, perfect for supporting and nurturing all aspects of massage, reiki, sound healing, and more. Due to the ideal setting for a treatment space, there will be added services to the massage options offered by Peace of Mind, such as: hot stone massage, and the luscious, Gregorian method reflexology. Sessions are scheduled by appointment. Some weekend and evening hours are available.

 I invite you to call and schedule a time to experience the multiple benefits and comfort of skilled hands and the tools of massage, reiki and sound vibration.


Pierre Garreaud and The Twin Shamans returned to Sandwich, NH

Another powerful opportunity to share space and healing with these two beautiful women and Pierre.  Whiteface Mountain and the grounding aspects of this land seemed a perfect addition to the deep healing attendees received.  I am grateful and privileged to host these events when they are on their East Coast tours.  I invite you to contact me for future events or to secure a spot for their next visit. http://www.twinshamans.com DSCN4093


Consider joining us  

3rd Sunday of every Month



all lineages – all levels


   (contact Leslie for details)

     email for directions


Restorative Yoga  &  Reiki 

This special class will include ‘massage for partners’ in celebration of Valentine’s Day

most classes sell out – contact us soon

Next Class February 11th



  a relaxing nourishing evening


Up coming class – Wednesday February 11th, 2014


Leslie Jose LMT/ARMT

 Katie O’Connell E-RYT

An evening of restoring your body, nourishing your spirit, and filling you with comfort.

Katie will guide you into restorative postures supported with bolsters and blankets as Leslie supports your body with the gentle soothing touch of Reiki.

Cost for this powerful class is $20.

To register: Contact Dragonfly Yoga Barn by clicking here.

(contact me if you have any challenge with connecting)



Pierre honoring spirit

Pierre honoring spirit

Dona Ysabel and Dona Olinda are again touring the USA and Canada.  Together with Pierre, they bring their gifts and talents to private healings and ceremonies.  During their visit to North Sandwich they will be offering private healing sessions at Leslie’s home.  

To be embraced by the gifted tools and love of these women, is to be embraced by the highest, purest, essence of love.

 “Where there is great love, there are always outrageous miracles.” …Willa Sibert Cather

click on the link below to see the flyer

Twins Workshop _NOV 20 2014 Leslie



Purity Spring Resort offering Artisan workshop weekend

Leslie is presenting on Sunday.  Meditatin/Sound/Reiki/Journaling

Along with a silent meditation to a glacial Heath with journaling.  

Powerful possibilities

(click below to see flyer)

Artisan workshop weekend 

Guided meditation with sound and reiki

Guided meditation with sound, reiki & journaling




Holland Hill Studio is Celebrating 10 yrs

Peace of Mind Reiki & Massage will be offering two classes as well as a chance to win a free massage during Holland Hill’s celebration week of July 13th – 19th.  Click on the link to the left to learn about Holland Hill and see all the wonderful events, classes, and fun. I will be offering two classes at Holland Hill on Monday July 14th. One will be a joint class with Pasha, where participants will enjoy the benefits of a gentle yoga class while receiving the comfort and support of massage. (8:30 a.m.) The other will be a Restorative Reiki class.  During this class participants will be using all sorts of cozy supports to get into comfortable positions.                         Soothing sounds, energy filled hands, and inspirational words will guide and support the participants in receiving and connecting with the innate wisdom of their own bodies.  This class supports you in nourishing your whole being into a space of bliss and health, grace and comfort. (9:30 a.m.)                                                                                                  *                                                                        *                                                                                     * Peace of Mind Reiki & Massage offers massage, Reiki and Sound healing sessions by appointment: in Holland Hill’s treatment space, at Dragonfly Yoga Barn, at Sitttingrock Studio, at the Mill and Pool Fitness Ctr. and in Peace of Mind’s own treatment space at 25 Main St. Ctr. Sandwich, NH.  Please email to inquire. (For 3 or more appointments I’m happy to bring my table to your home).



The HANUMEN are coming!

To Dragonfly Yoga Barn

Hanumen PromoSunday, July 20th: 6:30 potluck; 7:30 Kirtan

Contact Dragonfly Yoga Barn for tickets and information


Come enjoy Massage ‘Sips’

 at the 9th annual Common Man Wine Fest


The Common Man Sponsors the Wine Fest every year to support a non-profit

This year it’s our  OWN *** ADVICE TO THE PLAYERS  ***  & the Flying Monkey Children’s Theater and Arts Program through the Plymouth Parks and Recreation Department. And….. I’m one of the raffle prizes, and……I’ll be there offering ‘Massage Sips’…….


Expanding Knowledge

Broadening Experiences

5 days with Frank Arjava Petter & Mari Hall
Two of the world strongest historians and practitioners of Reiki

Arjava & Leslie

Arjava & Leslie

Mari & Leslie

Mari & Leslie

Leslie spent 5 days immersed in Japanese culture and dialogue.  These two generous souls offered their time, experience, knowledge and hearts with depth, honor and quality.  This opportunity has deepened and strengthened my understanding of the Japanese culture, the origins of Reiki, and the immense possibilities for all of us.


Easter Sunday’s Reiki Share


   At Dragonfly Yoga Barn North Sandwich, NH

(for Reiki Train individuals: all lineages, all styles)

                                          May you be finding Gratitude and Beauty in today.


Peace of Mind Reiki®  &  Massage

treatment space

Leslie Jose LMT/ARMT, combines fifteen years of experience and training in the complementary medicine field to therapeutic massage.  This combination creates a strong  assessment and treatment tool, providing improved mobility, comfort and healing for her clients.

Sessions are by appointment Monday – Friday  (some weekend and evening hours are available, as well as scheduling on site sessions).

peaceofmindreiki@gmail.com  or call 603-520-5118

Peace of Mind’s treatment space is on the first floor of The Gilman House (74 Main Street), right across from ‘The Other Store’ in Tamworth Village. 


There is a “wealth of health” in our community from a variety of practitioners.  My desire for all of us this year is active -PARTICIPATION- in our own health, and in the health and well being of our communities. DSCN1954


Don’t miss this amazing opportunity

These gifted women have been touring the USA and Canada

and will be ending their tour here with us in Sandwich NH

November  25  &  26  2013


Peruvian Spiritual Grandmothers

Individual Healing Sessions and San Pedro Mesada Ceremony

Sponsored by: Leslie Jose of Peace of Mind Reiki and Franz C. Nicolay For additional information please call Leslie: 603-520-5118 or email: peaceofmindreiki@gmail.com

Hosted at: SittingRock Studio 406 Mt. Israel Rd, Center Sandwich, NH 03227

For more information contact Pierre Garreaut: http://www.soundlighthealer.com


to register: http://www.twinshamans.com

blessing to th 4 directions (note he will be leading a group in Peru at the end of Oct into Nov.  Much of this time is with out internet service)


Level I Reiki Training

Nov/Dec dates to be posted soon

Saturday, September 7, 2013

A one day Level I training is being offered in Center Sandwich NH at Sittingrock Studio.  Come join others in a day of Centering, Learning and Fun.

0001GyFor more details or to register contact Leslie at peaceofmindreiki@gmail.com or by calling 603-284-7124

Advanced ReikiTraining

Nov/Dec dates to be posted soon

Saturday May 25th   10 -4

 Universe in a whisper

        Join Peace of Mind Reiki®  ~  Leslie Jose

         For a day of exploration and expansion

Advanced Reiki training is supportive to enhancing your personal foundation with increased tools and a stronger connection to Reiki energy.

Included in this training are:

* Reiki aura clearing  * crystal clearing  * learning of and creating a crystal grid  * attunement to the master level vibration (you’re attuned to the higher vibration of the master symbol.  This strengthens and enhances Reiki energy.  However, the actual attunement and training to use the master symbol is part of a master level training )  * meditation to more fully connect your chakras with Reiki energy   * journaling  * a review of Reiki and new information  * clearing old habits, instilling new ones  * support to keeping oneself clear and balanced.

Added to this training is a unique opportunity to explore and begin incorporating sound into your Reiki experience.  This work combines the vibrations created as we say, sing or chant the names of Reiki symbols and ride them along the vibration of a sound instrument to bring powerful energy and focus to our practice.

Class size is limited to 8 participants.  Contact Leslie to reserve your spot or inquire.

Cost:  $225   *   Location:  Sittingrock Studio, Sandwich NH   *   Prerequisite:  Reiki II or higher

Springtime in our mountainsfeel the vibration


Workshop for Reiki


all levels all lineages

Horses and Reiki  

-a perfect fit-

Introductory workshops joining the wisdom and magic of horses with the wisdom and grace of Reiki.

Basic horsemanship/safety and handling will be presented along with a weekend of sharing and exploring Reiki with each other and the horses.  Meditation/journaling/networking and fun.  A powerful journey connecting with yourself and others through the wisdom within the Equine world and Reiki.  For details and up coming dates contact Leslie.  Details are here:  March 23 -24 2013 at Touchstone Farm.  All inclusive weekend for Reiki Practitioners (all levels/all lineages).  $350 covers meals/lodging/activities/presentations and more.  For all the information call or email. Click on the link to the left to visit Touchstone Farm’s Website.  Reiki & Horses

in the mystery *******************************************************************************

REIKI levels I  &  II Training

adding horses to the mix is a unique and powerful opportunity in this training Friday March 29 – Sunday March 31 2013 Join Leslie, Barb and the horses at Touchstone Farm as they guide and nurture you through learning the first 2 levels of Reiki. click the link below to read the details of this unique and wonderful weekend. Reiki I & II Training


Harnessing Our Courage

A fabulous all inclusive retreat weekend at Touchstone Farm

Harnessing Our Courage


Leslie and Dragonfly Yoga Barn a Blissful evening of Healing



Blissful Body; Meditative Mind, Restorative Yoga and Reiki, from 5:30-7:30 p.m. NEXT DATE TBA.  Join yoga teacher Katie O’Connell E-RYT, Leslie Jose ARMT for an evening of blissful healing for the body, mind, and spirit.  Katie will guide you into restorative postures supported with bolsters and blankets as Leslie  supports your healing with the gentle touch of Reiki.   Treat yourself to two hours of sweet relaxation and peace!  $25 ($20 for pass holders). RSVP via email: dragonflyoga@gmail.com


Peace of Mind Reiki™  Treatment Space

Reiki – Sound healing  &  Gifts

Peace of Mind treatment space office space to the tree

Office hours are by appointment:

      603-284-7124  or  603-520-5118


******************************************************************************** Summer Reiki I  & II Training in Sandwich NH.  See Trainings page Advanced Reik Training, Reiki III/Master and Karuna Reiki classes will be scheduled soon. An all day Reiki Share is being planned for the end of the summer.  This event will be by donation.  We’ll share conversation, guided meditation, a Restorative Reiki Session, silent walk along the south boarder of the White Mt. National Forest and lots of hands on Reiki time.  Upcoming posts will give information on all of these. Also, Peace of Mind Reiki™ has a new Reiki Space in Ctr. Sandwich NH.  Pictures and post will appear soon to share more on this exciting adventure. ********************************************************************************** More time in Maui

whale magic

Feb. 2012     —-Another amazing trip to Maui resulted in opportunities to share Reiki onboard a private sailboat, on band members of 3rd World at their benefit concert, absorbing the vibration of whales songs into my being and numerous other experiences exploring and sharing in the gifts of this magical place. I visited briefly with William Rand while in Hana.  Shared a Distant Healing for individuals and the world with many healers of the island, as well as some amazing healing for myself. May the Light of Love Forever Dance in Your Hearts. Posts to come of upcoming workshops, trainings and events. ************************** Please see Trainings page for information and descriptions of our Trainings and Retreats.

reflections from the Master

Our Fall training is during one of the most stunning weekends of the foliage season here in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. This was a an exciting and rewarding weekend filled with wonder and validation that Reiki accelerates the healing that is possible. Please contact us for information about Spring and Fall 2012 Trainings and Events.  We’ll have both a Restorative Retreat/Training and a Workshop style Training. *********************************************************************************** Peace of Mind Reiki will be working with those who have the skills to bring this site to a place that is supportive on many fronts.  As the site develops, we will be listing hospital reiki programs and contact people, we will be including information on research and other opportunities that advance the acceptance of Reiki into mainstream medicine.  There will be access to a wealth of information to support you in bringing Reiki more fully into your life.  Peace of Mind Reiki has several programs in the local community.  This site will also become a place to learn of these programs, as well as access the information to start your own.  I look forward to sharing with you how horses will be incorporated into some of the Trainings, as well as share the beauty, grace and gifts that surface with the Restorative Reiki in Elder-Settings program.  It is exciting to be growing with this site and sharing the wonderful opportunities that continue to come into my life. Thank you for your patience as I learn of, and enter more fully into the computer world. *********************************************************************************** Reiki Shares continue the 3rd Sunday of the month at Dragonfly Yoga Barn.  6:30-8:00 pm.   Right after Yin Yoga.  It’s a lovely combination;  Yin Yoga Class with Katie and then stay for Reiki Share.  Reiki Share is free.   Peace of Mind accepts donations for the use of the barn.  Contact Katie at the Dragonfly link to register for her yoga class. (photo by Dragonfly Yoga Barn)

Dragonfly Awaits You

************************************* RESTORATIVE REIKI — In Elder-Settings I’ve been working on implementing Restorative Reiki programs into many of the local retirement communities.  These programs offer a lovely opportunity for the residents and a nurturing situation for my students to practice.  Please feel free to contact me; Leslie Jose,    peaceofmindreiki@gmail.com with any questions or interest.

Restorative Reiki

Restorative Reiki

************************************* 2010 Our November Retreat was a powerful experience.  The magnificent and spiritual setting of Dragonfly Yoga Barn, along with the beautiful spirits that joined us, provided a life changing event for all.  Thank you Katie and Declan for your heart, beauty, humor, and yummy food.  This setting truly provides the opportunity to invest ourselves in our training and bring the light and love of Reiki into our lives.  Training in a Retreat setting allows the meditation, journaling, yoga, fellowship and spiritual practice to mold into a completeness that I’ve not found elsewhere. ************************************** I’ve just returned from the International Reiki Retreat in Lake George NY.  What an amazing opportunity to commune with others living Reiki and sharing their Light.  The program had a solid variety of informative and interactive sessions with many opportunities to talk with others and share ideas, plans, and yes, Reiki.  I loved hearing about the studies involving Reiki and other Energy Medicines that are finding their way into mainstream science.  I would encourage all who read this post to visit William Rand’s sites, as well as Peace Place in Sedona.  Blessings and may the Light of Love shine in your heart. ******************************************** I find such joy in creating a Retreat and Training that infuses meditation, gentle yoga, journaling, music, walks in the forest, “Restorative Reiki,” Sound Healing, and so much more.  I hope you’ll consider coming to these magical mountains to share in the amazing gift of Reiki and exploration.  There is a strong focus on supporting a “SELF” practice.   This is also a good opportunity for anyone who has already taken Reiki I and II to grow deeper into their practice.  Blessings and Light to all. This is a unique opportunity to learn the art of Usui Tibetan Reiki in a sacred and spiritual place that mystics, yoga and Reiki teachers, Ki Gong masters, and visitors alike have called one of the “most beautiful and powerful places on earth.” email: peaceofmindreiki@gmail.com or call: (603) 284-7124 May the Light of Love Forever Dance in Your Heart